Mindful of how important technology is to our future business, we have invested in developing a technical team who are able to produce 3D projection mapping and CGI graphics.

We introduced ‘Raspberry Pi’ workshops in 2014 and invited external people (IBM, Raspberry Pi community, Touchbridge) to work alongside our staff to explore what we can do with technology and how far we can take it. Each session is focused on an interactive project, eg programming a pneumatic dinosaur sequence – and on helping our staff to learn and develop these skills.

As a result of these workshops, IBM has recently launched a short promotional film – Discover the Secret of Dinosaur Island with the Watson IoT Platform. The film shows how our life size T-Rex dinosaur springs into life using Watson IoT Platform, Node-RED and IBM Bluemix.

We are mindful that the next generation are learning computer programming, it’s happening in primary schools now and before long we will have a generation of programmers. It’s therefore important that we embrace this technology too and see how far we can take it forward, creating new and exciting experiences in both our attractions.